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Emilea Wilson is an actor, comedian, director and producer.  In 2012, she starred in the Oscar nominated short film Time Freak.  She has starred in various feature and short films and can be seen in the television shows "Happyish" on Showtime, "The Jim Gaffigan Show" on TVLand, NBC's "The Blacklist", Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" and in the pilot episode of Amazon's "Sneaky Pete". She also recently filmed with actor Micheal Kelly in the independent feature “All Square” directed by John Hyams. Emilea is an actor at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC in her third year on the veteran sketch comedy team Pretty Boys. She has also performed in the UCB Theatre shows Hockey Cops and Fuck Nostalgia as well as the one act play All in Favor: a Meeting of the Beulah, North Dakota Town Council.

Emilea is a graduate of the University of Iowa and an advanced student of improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. She stars in the Elite Daily/Paul Gale Comedy web series Intimacy Issues and can be seen in various digital sketches on Above Average, YouTube, College Humor, etc. Her production company, Boze Productions, produced Trapped and is currently producing another short film with producing partners Last Rodeo and Thank You, Lauren.



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SEP' 18



Cast with these beautiful people and fortunate to work with the wonderful team behind Osiris, a short film written by Owen Strock and directed by Cameron Dingwall. Osiris is a about a JPL scientist whose life’s work explodes in the Mars sky. After the disaster, he must confront the things he has sacrificed for the mission, and decide which is more important, his family or his ambition.

This story is about attempting great things, and falling short, and has been in development for more than a decade. It explores the creative energy needed to shoot for the stars, and the cost that this kind of attempt can take on a life.

Check out this team’s amazing Kickstarter campaign for more info. They raised their goal of 35k in funding and I am not surprised as this crew and cast are both talented and driven. Looking forward to shooting on this project!




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AUG' 17


Seeing the country on a road trip from New York to Northern California then up to Washington along the western coast and back across the northern United States to New York is what I call an epic journey. Add in my husband and two puppies Larry the Girl and Peggy and I am left in a state of true gratitude. This country is beautiful and breath-taking and full of different people with different backgrounds and approaches to living. Eternally grateful for this experience and so happy to share it with my husband and my pups!




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JUL' 18



WE HAVE OUR FIRST EDIT OF TRAPPED PEOPLE!!! Man oh man it is fun to make shit. Carrie McCrossen (my producing partner) and I had the pleasure of working with editor Jesse Millward, who has been so wonderful. I can't wait to see this project finished and start sending to festivals!




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JUN' 18



Boze Productions (my production company I co-own with my husband, Patrick) produced a short film/pilot presentation with Thank You, Lauren (our good friend Carrie McCrossen and Ian McWethy's production company). It is our second short film together and this time, Carrie and Ian co-directed! It was cast with a fantastic group of actors and crewed by a wonderful group of folks. We are looking forward to the editing process and where this project will go!


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MAY' 18


Xfinity commercial "Dance Party" is airing on televisions everywhere and let me just say, this shoot was nuts. We were stuck for a few extra days on location because of a snowstorm on the east coast and it couldn't have been a better cast to get stuck with. Medhi Barakchian (the dad in the spot) and Edie Youmans (the young girl in the spot) and Edie's mom, Janna were the absolute best. I had such a great time with them and would hands down say one of my top five commercial experiences. Just a phenomenal group of people.





APR' 18



New voice over airing for Outshine Fruit Bars airing on televisions everywhere!






MAR' 18



Had a fantastic time recording with Nickelodeon for their digital WIN YOUR WEEK videos. I have three out that I voice 





FEB' 18



This voice over project was a incredibly fun experience. The people over at Nick must hire the best directors and writers because not only did I have a a ton of fun doing this, they made ME feel like a genius and got the most fun energy out of me. They truly are the best people to work with - so kind, so much fun and just totally put you at ease. I loved working on this!






JAN' 18



Wow. This web series was produced through Elite Daily and Paul Gale Comedy and this episode in particular is wildly popular. As of my update on this post, it has over 3.5 million YouTube views!